🌅 What is Tachyon

Tachyon supports the most ambitious builders who are defining the future of web3. We are a hive mind of the hardest working mentors, advisors, legal experts, investors, builders and designers – and we are accelerating web3, together.

<aside> 🚀 Here’s our value-add for founders:

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<aside> 2️⃣ Contribute to Tachyon & earn our membership NFT: Sigma Pass

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<aside> 💪 Why now?

We believe the world of founders, customers and capital are collapsing into each other, creating an opportunity for a new startup-building mode.

And we believe we can expand the surface area for startups so that they begin with the capital and network they need to massively de-risk their startup success.


<aside> 🎯 Our Mission

We’re building the next iteration of Tachyon: a Global Networked Startup Ecosystem of participant-contributors, de-risking and opening the surface area for startup success so that every founder begins with the ****capital and network they need to massively de-risk their startup success

♟ Products

<aside> 🚀 **Tachyon Accelerator** Our flagship 12-week accelerator program culminates in an Investor Day (Sigma Pass holders invite-only) and Demo Day.


<aside> 🎟️ **Tachyon Sigma Pass** Your membership NFT into and across the Tachyon Ecosystem. Your reputation and identity in the Tachyon community, and owned by you.


<aside> 🎒 Web3 Launch School Our free online MOOC learning curriculum for aspiring founders in web3


<aside> ⚒️ **TachyonOS** Our preferred platform of software, tools, and services for high-growth Web 3.0 startups which includes discounts on many of the products and services. Exclusive to the founders who are a part of Tachyon Accelerator.


<aside> 🗣️ Perimeter Platform Our alumni platform and mentor/advisor network where we turn down noise and turn up signal. Community curated and invite-only. Lifetime access.


<aside> 🛠️ Tachyon Launch SDK (launching soon) The launch toolkit to get your Dapp launched, smart contract integration and security contracts audit all in one.


<aside> 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 $TACH Token (launching soon) Our community-owned and operated economy powered by the TACH token


👉 If you wish to contribute to any of these products, help us know you more by filling out this Contributor Onboarding Form.

🚄 Resources and Links

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💬 Discord Server

Web3 Launch School Powered by Tachyon

<aside> 🙏🏻 Still, have questions? Email us at [email protected] and we'll help you out.