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Web 3 Launch School is a self-serve learning curriculum and launch toolkit for aspiring founders in Web3. It features video lectures, reading material, and fireside chats with Web3 founders, investors, and experts from Tachyon Accelerator

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🚀 Curriculum

The core content of this curriculum is divided into 3 phases:

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Each phase of the program is planned to focus on certain important metrics that we believe are critical for the success of any startup. Phases are for focusing on specific business principles.

Phase I: Problem | Solution | Market

Duration: 4 weeks

Focus Here:

👉 critically analyze your problem statement, the solution you are offering, and the market size.

👉 Talk to customers to explore the problem statement to get your valuable insight.

<aside> 🎥 Content ⬇️ (It is recommended to watch the content in the sequence posted here)


  1. The Problem, Solution, and Market
  2. Storytelling Your #1 Superpower as CEO by Brian Dell
  3. Workshop: How to talk to customers by Zack Hearing